About Us Counseling and Therapy Services in Quincy IL

About Us Counseling and Therapy Services in Quincy IL

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About Jerry Walker Therapy Services

EDUCATION: I am a Graduate of University of Illinois, Masters in Human Developmental Counseling. My undergraduate training was at Quincy University gaining proficiency in the areas of psychology & sociology to better understand human and social development. I was a therapist for Chaddock residential facility treating teens with behavioral and conduct issues. I was the Clinical Director for Comprehensive Health Systems a facility treating the needs of the chronically mentally ill.

OUR MISSION: To empower individuals, couples, or families to take on the challenges their lives encounter to become the most confident and capable they can become.

OUR PRACTICE: My post graduate experience was working in a private practice that contractually worked with a psychiatric practice. I gained a strong understanding of medication effects in the treatment of psychiatric conditions. My experience and training has created a need in me to look into all treatment options available to meet each client's individual needs. I seek to best understand my client's specific needs in order to provide them the best services available to them.

WHAT SETS US ABOVE THE REST: We have researched to find treatment options years beyond our competition. I am constantly looking into treatment options that are on the cutting edge of medical research and development to meet the specific needs of my clients. I want to provide the most comprehensive service options available to my clients. This is why we provide neurofeedback and Alpha-Stim treatment in my practice.

WHAT OUR PRACTICE OFFERS OUR COMMUNITY: We provide psychotherapy as well as developmental therapy services to meet the specific individual needs of our clients. The practice has been open to the Quincy area since 1999. I have been providing Neurofeedback services since 2006. I am the only practitioner in a 100 mile radius of Quincy providing these services. Alpha-Stim is a treatment option available to my clients. This a FDA approved device indicated to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


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