Couples Counseling | Marriage Counseling

Couples Counseling | Marriage Counseling

Identifying what it means to be a couple.

Marriage Counseling Services

Marriage Counseling takes a holistic approach in making the primary focus of the therapy on the relationship, rather than solely on the individuals in the marriage. Many therapists offer adjunctive Marriage or Couples Counseling to supplement one's individual or family therapy and many therapists specialize in Marriage Counseling.

When undergoing Marriage Counseling it may seem that your "relationship" is the "client" as you, your partner, and your therapist work together to determine what your goals are within your relationship. A Marriage Counselor will also be on the lookout for other feelings or experiences that are being brought into the relationship. You, your partner, and your therapist will look at patterns that show up between you, as well as other internal and external experiences that impact the relationship. With that in mind, those patterns are likely to show up in your sessions, just as they do outside of it. When they do, your Marriage Counselor may also encourage you to explore them as they occur, "in the now," in order to support you in adopting more helpful patterns, roles, and ways of communicating.

Marriage counseling leverages a holistic approach to improve the underlying relationship. Upon sitting down with your marriage counselor, you and your spouse will speak freely about your marriage. Virtually any topic is fair game, whether it is feelings about where the relationship is heading or certain marital obstacles that have been difficult to overcome. Your marriage counselor will listen intently, help you identify patterns, and explore new ways of communicating and strengthening the marriage.

Yes. Couples counseling can do wonders in improving the couple’s underlying relationship. According to one study, couples counseling is roughly 75 percent effective, meaning that there is a reduction of complaints between partners. Ultimately, couples counseling can go a long way in removing stress from a relationship and helping you and your partner live better lives.

Premarital counseling is a specific type of counseling that prepares you and your fiancé for marriage. Essentially, it is a proactive step in ensuring that both of you have a strong and healthy relationship before and after your wedding day. It can help you and your soon-to-be spouse identify strengths and weaknesses in your relationship.

Unfortunately, most health insurance plans do not cover marriage counseling. This is because relationship issues between you and your spouse aren’t technically considered to be a medical diagnosis. However, if you or your spouse are given a medical diagnosis, there is a chance that your counseling may be covered. Learn more about marriage counseling insurance coverage.

There isn’t a hard and fast answer to this question. But having said this, many couples find it helpful to attend weekly sessions in the beginning. Through weekly sessions, the couple can get used to therapy but to comprehensively explain the issues that are occurring. The couple is also able to spend that time getting comfortable with their counselor. It truly is a win-win for both the couple and counselor, which leads to better counseling outcomes in the long run. Those weekly sessions can occur for approximately four to six weeks until everyone agrees to a newer schedule.

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