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Blame it on Your ADD (Part 1)

It was a great chorus to a song a few years ago, but it is a reality for some people.  Currently, the condition is now called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  However, many years ago it was called ADD.  

What do people blame on their ADHD?

  • Poor impulse control (doing or saying things without thinking them through)
  • Getting distracted (losing where you are in a topic or in your work)
  • Poor frustration tolerance (poor control of how you react to frustration)
  • Disorganization (inability to keep order or track of things in your life)
  • Overreacting (overreactions to situations or events in your life)
  • Difficulty learning (poor ability to stay focused on learning materials)
  • Poor time management (losing track of time, causing tardiness)
  • Relationship problems (impulsivity can cause strain in relationships)

What can you do about it?

  • Therapy (improve coping strategies and learn to compensate for limitations)
  • Neurofeedback therapy (training process that improves focus and attention)
  • Behavioral therapy/coaching (strategies to help compensate for symptoms)
  • Medication therapy (medications to improve focus/reduce impulsivity)
  • Couples therapy (address how ADHD can create conflict in your interpersonal, peer and work relationships)

There are great resources out there to help educate yourself about your condition.

  • Books (Driven to Distraction, Teenagers Guide to ADD, Frazzled Parents Guide to ADD)
  • CHADD (an organization to help adults and children with ADHD)
  • ADHD Resource Center
  • Attitude magazine