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Check for P.I.E.S.

One common excuse that people say about mindfulness and self care is “I don’t have time for that.” If you can spare two minutes, you have time for P.I.E.S. Who doesn’t love pie? Unfortunately eating dessert is not a mindfulness strategy. P.I.E.S. is an easy method of mindfulness that is realistic for the day to day and can bring awareness to your needs. It is about checking in with yourself and reflecting on how your body and mind is responding to stressors.

P.I.E.S stands for…

Physical– how is my body? Where do I feel tension? What does my body need?

Intellectual– What has been on my mind? Do I feel challenged/stimulated intellectually?

Emotional– What feelings can I identify in myself right now? What do I need to process this feeling?

Spiritual– Do I feel at peace? How do I feel connected to myself and my surroundings?

Challenge yourself and test out this mindfulness strategies AT LEAST once a day. By bringing awareness to where you are at physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, you are better suited to follow through with what you need for self care.