Sometimes co-parenting can be a struggle, but it can be a great opportunity to be introspective. Sometimes the pridefulness of parents overshadows the betterment of the children.  This theme is not something you want to teach your children. There can be resentment built up due to a negative theme in a relationship, however, the children should not have to suffer for it. It is important to be role models for your children so they are set up for success in their future.

For the children:

– Do not talk negatively about the other parent in-front of the children.

– Show that you can get along with the other parent, even though that may be hard.

– Swallow your pride.

– Always remind yourself, it’s for the children, not you.

Activities a co parent can do to be good role models:

– Go to events for your children together. It is best for them to see you guys getting a lot. If not, this can cause a lot of conflict internally for the child on whose “side” to be on.

– Go to dinner together (even as a blended family) so the children can see you two getting along.