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Communication is Key

Communication is key, edit, feels at times a basic concept. If it was such an easy and basic concept, then why is communication one of the top difficulties in most relationships? A lot of times when we think about communication, the automatic thought is verbal; how we speak to each other, what we say, and language. this is where misunderstanding can come from because 80% of how we communicate is actually nonverbal. This includes our gestures, facial expressions, and expression. Below are some ways that nonverbal communication can impact a conversation. 


The individuals tone of voice shows a deeper meaning beyond the words that are being said. A simple word such as “thanks”, can change in meaning, depending on a persons, tone of voice. If our tone comes across as short, sarcastic, or con flicks against what is said, the more likely, the message could be in misinterpreted or escalation in a conversation can rise.

Facial expressions

Our face can show a clear message to the people that we are talking with. This can be seen a lot when in the listening role. If our partner is sharing, and our facial expressions look disengaged or unfocused, the partner may read this has no caring about what they have to say. When in this listening role, your facial expressions reflect the response of your partner

Open arms

Something as simple as posture and arm can tell a lot about a person in conversation. If your arms are crossed while talking or listening, even if the reason is a comfortable position, your partner can read it as being closed off or no caring. Having your arms uncrossed and leaning in can show engagement and openness in the discussion