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Depression Therapy - Quincy IL

Everything is Working for Good

You are what is beyond the fog in your brain. You are the space above the white clouds in the sky. Like the airplane that glides above them and stays the course. It follows the course plotted in spite of the clouds, because it knows there is a beautiful destination beyond the clouds. There is peace in the clouds and in the beautiful stillness. There is an ability to hear things and see things you never noticed before. Beautiful colors. Harmonious sounds. Just beauty. Intricate details that were previously drowned out by anxiety and worry. The black smoke of depression blinded you and made your eyes sting. And, you closed them so you didn’t have to feel the burn.  You didn’t know what else to do.  You thought you were protecting your eyes. But, you were missing out on the grandness and beauty all around you. It was always there.

In the peace and stillness, you can see how everything is working for the good of the universe. You just have to stay the course and believe. You have to acknowledge the storms without getting angry at them for being there in the first place. They are there to teach you. They are there to build your strength. Why would you want to fight something that has arrived to help you? When you release the anger and accept the beauty of the storm, you can appreciate the power and the strength it brings.  You can release the anxiety and depression that comes with fighting against it.  Because in the end, it will keep returning to you until you have learned the lesson it is bringing.  And when you have learned the lesson, you will begin to see the beauty that awaits on the other side of the storm.