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Focus On You

Start Improving Your Mental Health

Any doctor will tell you that it is important to make healthy choices: eat right, drink water, workout regularly, etc. We are constantly encouraged to find activities to improve our physical health, but what about our mental health? Just like physical health, it is important to be aware of and make healthy choices for our mental health; and also like physical health, if we do not take care of our mental health routinely, negative effects will grow. Below are some creative examples to start improving your mental health, you may be surprised how much they look similar to physical health choices.

     – Follow a consistent night routine

     – Make goals

     – Learn a new skill

     – Practice positive self- talk

     – Check in with how you are feeling for 2 minutes each day

     – Be present/mindful when doing activities you enjoy

     – Take time to celebrate good things in your life

     – Go outside for some vitamin D

     – Journal

     – Practice your boundary setting

     – Do an activity that’ll get your heart pumping (walk, play with your pet, do a home project)

     – Talk to someone