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Getting Cozy with Your Mental Health

As we get settled with fall and cold weather approaches, for many it is a favorite time of year. We gravitate towards our comfy sweater, snuggling up in our blankets and loved ones, drink a warm beverage, and watch the bonfire or a favorite seasonal movie. This feeling of coziness actually gives positive effects for our mental health. There is a reason why we feel a sense of peace when we are next to a warm, scented candle or in our favorite sweater. Below are some connections with mental health and coziness. 

Coziness Stems Back to Survival

When thinking of survival, safety is the initial priority. That includes food, water, and shelter. Warmth gives an element of comfort and safety. So naturally, we feel a sense of ease when we feel comfort. It is a reminder that we are safe. This is why a lot of grounding techniques focus on senses and feelings of comfort; it reminds us that we are safe.

Coziness and Positive Emotions

Fall is the prime of pumpkin patches, warm meals, and movie nights with loved ones. Each of these activities provide even more opportunities to spend time with others. Coziness gravitates us towards the people we care about and connecting at not just physical proximity, but also emotionally. Sharing hot chocolate and sitting by the fire creates an atmosphere of belonging in that space. 

Cozy activities that also promote positive mental health

-family game night

– ice skating

– movie marathon

– apple picking 

– find a cozy scent for the house

– snuggle under a blanket

– camp fire

– sitting under the stars

– make a new seasonal recipe 

– create a new family “tradition”