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There are moments where people feel stuck. A lot of the time, we may not even be able to identify how or why we feel stuck. Or maybe we have a motivation to grow, but we aren’t sure how we want to grow or what areas of our life we want to grow in. If this is the case, maybe start with the question, “what is happening within myself right now that I want differently?” or even, “what about myself can I see myself grow? These questions plant the seed of self-reflection and personal growth. Still feel stuck? Below are some factors in a person’s life that can grow that we do have control of. That “control” word is key. Separating the difference between what is within and out of our control will help navigate areas of growth.

I can grow in self-compassion

The phrase “I am my worst critic” is common for a very good reason. We tend to be harder on ourselves, develop negative self-talk, and shame ourselves often. The consequence of this is it can lower our self-esteem, confidence, and even capability. Growing in self-compassion is allowing ourselves the grace of being human, giving yourself love, and getting to know yourself more in a compassionate lens.

I can grow in mindfulness

Awareness of one of the primary goals in counseling. By finding awareness, we are then able to start the process of creating change. Mindfulness is the practice of checking in with yourself, and being aware. It is very easy to turn on our autopilot and go throughout our day, and then crash. Being mindful allows us to not only be aware of what our mind and body is doing, but it leads to the understanding of what our mind and body is telling us what we need. Growing in mindfulness helps with coping strategies and connecting with ourselves.

I can grow in inner happiness

This is a tough one. We all have had instances where we turn to external things to make us happy. The difficult part of that is that we do not have control of external factors. When we do not have access to the externally-caused happiness, we are left with a feeling of loss or disconnection. Finding inner happiness is a long journey. It includes getting to know yourself better, giving yourself understanding, and developing new tools. When we are able to have access to inner happiness, we feel more capable and more at peace.