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How do you define life?

How Do You Define Life?

Life = The sum of your trials, storms, valleys, pain and your very sweet rewards.  You need the trials blended with the sweet stuff. Even the sweetest cake wouldn’t taste the same without the salt to add flavor.

There is life and death in the words you speak.  Leadership is taking someone to a place where they would not go on their own.  It is pushing them to the edge of their skis but not letting them fall.  The pain that anyone endures will never be greater than the reward of growing through it.  We need all of the experiences that life brings us to become the best possible version of ourselves.

That being said…. There will always be busy bodies among us.  Avoid them!!!!  Like the plague!!  These people put way too much attention on other people’s business because they don’t have their own lives in order.  So, they want to focus elsewhere to hide their own problems.  Spend your life doing good, speaking good and NOT being an idle busy body.  The busy bodies will suck the life out of you.  Your mission in life is to grow and blossom….not to let busy bodies prevent you from personal growth.  The busy bodies will create division in your world and put obstacles in your way.  Their agenda is not a good one.

Mind your business. Don’t talk about other people’s lives and what is going on with them.  Work as hard as you can to not be a bother to other people.  Set time aside every morning to focus on your own personal goals and who you want to be.  Write those goals down.  Write them as if you are already living them.  Focus on where you are going so that you have laser vision to get there.  Be confident but not arrogant.  There is no need to shame the busy bodies in your life.  Your example and strength might just motivate them to become better versions of themselves.