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Life Hacks for the Pandemic

Helpful ideas for family time during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in ways that we could never have imagined when the year 2020 started.  Basic routines that we took for granted are suddenly unavailable to us!

What were some routines that your family had prior to the pandemic?  Did you go out to dinner as a family?  Did you go to the movies?  Did you attend sporting events or concerts?  Did you travel on family vacations?

Families across the nation are re-grouping and figuring out simpler ways of living.  It is important to keep doing family activities, even if they are in a different way.  If you are staying in more as a family, try some of the following activities:

*Invite the children to help with meal preparation

*Set aside a day that you can have a family game night

*Have a family movie night

*Create a scavenger hunt for the kids and add in interesting twists like telling a family member what you love about them.

*Have a family paint night and make canvas creations

*Go on a family walk

*Create a parade and offer awards

*Dedicate 30 minutes to each child and spend one on one time with them – allow them to pick the activity

Most importantly, be open with your children and talk about the changes so that they can comprehend what is happening. Spending time with them will create memories that will last a lifetime! It is important to monitor how much media exposure we have during current circumstances. We need to limit our exposure to negative content and keep a realistic mindset!