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Life Hacks: Growth comes from changing.

Life Hacks

Growth = More = Better

What in your life needs more?  What do you need to measure, move and change?

What do you measure in your life?  Sometimes we don’t like the objective picture of where we are.  We don’t have the right job, we don’t make enough money, we don’t have the right car, we don’t have the right clothes.  Pick one.  

Growth comes from changing.  There is no growth without change.  There is no change without loss.  There is no loss without pain.  People would rather not endure the pain that comes with growth.  It is so much easier to keep the status quo.  Be the person that’s different.  Grow through the pain.  How much are you holding onto that causes negative inertia in your life?  You can’t put an old patch on something new.  It just doesn’t work.  If you want to grow, change is absolutely necessary.  If you want to be in a place where you are not right now, change is absolutely necessary.  You cannot burst like an old wine skin when new wine is poured into you.  Keep moving forward.  The soldiers on D-Day did this in the kill box.  They didn’t die.  They kept moving and it prevented them from dying.

I find it fascinating that in order to raise a healthy tomato plant, you must eliminate the leaves at the bottom of the stem so they don’t suck up all the moisture that the tomatoes need.  Aren’t our lives like that sometimes?  We need to pluck the leaves at the bottom out so that we aren’t letting them suck up all of the good stuff we need to have the best life possible!

  Grow.  Have more.  Your life will be better.