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Love Language

Having relationship issues? Finding your love language is a great way to find how you and your partner need and show love in your relationship. There are five different categories of love languages: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Act of Services, and Receiving Gifts.

Quality time is spending time with your partner. This could be watching a movie on the couch together, walking in the park, and more.  If your partner’s love language is Quality Time, it is important to get rid of distractions and focus on just spending time together as a couple.

Next is words of affirmation. When your partner is in need of these words of affirmation, they need compliments, here “I love you” and a little extra reassurance.  For an individual who is high in words of affirmation, insults can be extremely damaging for them in the relationship.

Another of these love languages is physical touch. This is not just sex, but holding hands, hugging, or just a simple touch on the shoulder.  Individuals whose love language is physical touch need the closeness to help feel loved.

Act of Service is another of the love languages.  This could look differently per relationship.  A person who enjoys acts of services may want their partner to help out around the house or plan a nice date.  Work to help your partner out is best for those whose love language is act of services.

The last love language is receiving gifts.  This love language is self-explanatory. The individual enjoys receiving gifts. Big or small, doesn’t matter.

Take this quiz below and find out what love language you are!