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Mania: The Other Half of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternating depressive and manic moods. While many understand the symptoms of the depressive state, fewer understand what the manic phase looks like. The manic phase can encourage risky behaviors and disrupt the stability of your life. Understanding the manic phase of bipolar can help you understand your behavior or the behavior of someone else as they cope with their bipolar disorder. The DSM-V lists the following requirements for identifying a manic episode:

  1. A phase of incredible energy and elevated or irritable mood which lasts at least 1 week.
  2. Three or more of the following behaviors are present in this same week:
    • Inflated self-esteem or grandiose ideas.
    • Little need for sleep.
    • Person is more talkative that usual to the extent that they struggle to stop talking.
    • Racing thoughts.
    • Individual is more distractible than is normal for them.
    • Person is more physically active than usual to the point that they struggle to control their physical activity. This may present as a need to make and complete goals without ceasing.
    • Increased risk-taking behavior without considering the consequences.
  3. This disturbance in the person’s mood inhibits their daily functioning or requires outside interference to ensure their safety.

Note: When this pattern of symptoms is present for more than four days but less than one week it is considered to be a hypomanic mood.

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