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Materialistic Objects Vs. Experiences with Kids

Experiences (aka making memories) is far more superior than buying your children toys.  Something to utilize as a parent and/or guardian is to help your children gain more experiences and making memories with you.  As a parent, how many times do you buy you child a toy and/or object and never see them play with it after the first time of opening it?  Your kids will remember that experience for most of their life vs. a toy you got them for their 6th birthday. Experiences can be made through free and/or cheap simple ways such as;

  • Eating dinner together
  • Going hiking
  • Going to the park and having a picnic
  • Play a game together

If you wanted to be creative and have a little extra funds, a family could…

  • Go camping for a weekend
  • Go on vacation somewhere
  • Do a stay-cation at a hotel for a weekend (Make sure it has a pool!)
  • Go see your child’s favorite superhero in theaters.

            You are your child’s world and spending time with you is so crucial for the relationship.  It is so important to not only tell your kids that they matter but show them as well.

Be the parent/guardian you would want them to be.