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Men’s Mental Health and Emotions

Men can struggle silently when it comes to mental health. Society often tells men that they can’t feel anything beyond happiness and anger. However, something to consider is that anger is just a secondary emotion – there is often something underneath of that anger… whether it is sadness, pain, depression, anxiety, and more. Men are taught that we are “weak” or “inferior” if we we show these things.

It is often a struggle to find support for men. Some healthy ways to cope with these emotions is to:

-Surround yourself with positive friends and peers.

-Find a local group/community to join. This also could be online as well (video games, discord, etc…)

-reach out for help when struggling

-if you have a partner, lean on them

If you see someone you care about struggling, ask them if they are okay and what they need from you. Sometimes people struggling just need to know that someone notices and that someone cares.