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Overstimulation and Preparing for Back to School

Summertime is almost over. All the memories made over the summer will be just that….memories. Here comes the new school year right around the corner. Perhaps you’re trying to book that last minute vacation before the kids jumpstart into the new school year, or you’re trying to get organized and prepared to begin. Summer came and went in the blink of an eye. You still have that list of things that you wanted to get completed this summer but find yourself in the middle of the list as summer break starts to near the end. Either way, there’s a lot to get done before you send the kids off to begin the new school year and you’re starting to feel overstimulated with the “To-Do List.” In addition to that, there comes the emotions of your children getting older and starting a new grade. Quickly, your mind starts to race to “here soon they will be graduated and out of the house.”

Parents, live in the moment. You will never get this part of your life back. Take it all in. Forget the never-ending lists and breathe. Your children will never be this young again. For now, take it day by day, moment by moment. Make the list but don’t stick too heavy to it. Parents, make sure you’re setting aside time for yourself but also getting quality time in with your children before the school year begins and your schedule starts to fill up with activities. Live in the moment.