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The weight of the ballast under a sailboat literally keeps it from kneeling over. We need the inner strength of a sailboat's ballast to keep us from keeling over in the winds of life.


I love pictures of sailboats on the water. I love the idea that the sailboat uses wind, which can sometimes be labeled as “bad”, to its advantage.

The ballast of a sailboat is found underneath it. It is made of heavy metal to offset the heavy winds that can catch the sails. The sails need wind to move the boat along it’s course. But, if there were not weight to balance the sails, the boat would keel over.

It’s interesting how this correlates to life.  You need the winds of life to get where you are going.  But, you have to have inner strength to balance out the wind so that you can reach your final destination. If you lack inner strength and fortitude to navigate the winds of life, you will definitely keel over. If you fight against the wind instead of using it to your advantage, you will get nowhere. Sometimes you can plot a course, but the winds of life take a different direction. This doesn’t mean the direction is wrong or necessarily bad. It just means you need to adjust your sails to catch the wind so you can move in the direction you need to.

What practice do you have each day to build your inner strength? Writing a journal? Meditation? Prayer? Find something that will build your strength!