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Sunglasses At Night

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My 4 year old insisted that he needed to wear sunglasses at night. As a parent, I chuckled about this and then tried to explain to him how silly it was. It was futile to even attempt the conversation. He was wearing them, because they fit his mood at that very moment. Or, they happened to be a part of the superhero character he was pretending to be at that time.

We may chuckle about kids having rigid moments, but we don’t find it quite as humorous when adults do it. Did you ever consider that maybe their brain is in complete darkness? So much darkness that they can’t even see it themselves?

It may be caused by depression, anxiety, OCD or some other chemical imbalance. All can be treated by drugs, lifestyle changes or neurofeedback. Drugs can cause unpleasant side effects. Neurofeedback does not. Both will clear a person’s dark brain so that it is once again full of sunshine and rainbows.

I think I’d rather take the route that includes no side effects, wouldn’t you?

Jerry Walker Therapy Services provides a blend of therapy services and neurofeedback options to help you take steps toward implementing a healthy lifestyle.