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The Winter Blues

Are you having some winter blues? It could very well be that you are experiencing seasonal depression. There can be multiple reasons why seasonal depression occurs: shorter days/time changes, weather, disruptions in the body’s natural circadian rhythm, etc. Despite the cause of seasonal depression, it can lead to people having lower energy or fatigue, depressed feelings consistently (in a seasonal pattern), loss of interest, and lack of motivation.

Instead of waiting until spring clears the “winter blues,” try these tips to help cope with seasonal depression.

Ways you can help:

     – Bring in some vitamin D (sun, foods, etc)

     – Connect with others

     – Do something active each day

     – Try some essential oils

     – Have a consistent schedule for sleep

     – Talk with your doctor or therapist

For Kids:

      – Remain consistent

      – Spend quality time together

      – Look for signs of tiredness and try to maintain a consistent sleep pattern