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Therapy and Counseling are Two Different Things

Therapy and counseling are two different things. Let me explain. Counseling is short-term and is perfect for overcoming grief from the loss of a loved one, divorce, or any other traumatic life events that you just need help wrapping your head around so you can get closure. Therapy is long-term and is good for deep rooted issues that you may have from an abusive or otherwise negative childhood, traumatic events from your childhood or other damaging events that can happen in your life that may have given you PTSD, insomnia, depression, addiction or other mental health issues. These issues take longer to fix.

Here at Jerry Walker Therapy Services we offer both, and can work with you to decide what type of help you need and get you that help with compassion and support. It’s important to work through your issues, or they can manifest in negative ways in your life and in your relationships. Perhaps you feel like you just can’t win – that something always blocks you from grabbing the golden ring. Maybe you have a few failed marriages under your belt. Have you ever self-sabotaged? Maybe you don’t know the whys or hows of the nature of your life, but we can help you untangle that knot.

If you want to change the path of your life or the quality of your relationships, therapy or counseling can put your foot on the right road. It can be intimidating, scary or even embarrassing to ask for help. But you will be doing yourself and those around you the biggest favor when you make the call to schedule your first session. Your future can be bright. We want to help.