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Time Changes Everything

“It’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.” – C.S. Lewis

Do you ever reflect on life or past events and realize how much that event has change you as a person? This self-reflection can lead to self-awareness. So many times, we have events in our lives that shape us into who we become. These events can be positive or negative.  Positive events are important to celebrate and understand the significance, such as graduating from college/trade school, getting married, having children, seeing your favorite band in concert, etc… However, unfortunately negative events can also be impactful in our lives.  Most people experience trauma in some way, and these traumas can affect us negatively or hinder individuals in ways we do not realize.

Ways our experience can impact us:

  • Childhood family violence can impact our views on love and relationships as adults
  • A supportive boss at a stressful job can influence strong boundary setting and self care
  • Taking the time on hobbies we enjoy can lead to productivity and confidence in the workplace and home
  • Discouraging words from a teacher in grade school can influence how one views their capability in multiple settings in the person’s life

With these ever-shifting events in life, it is important to evaluate your needs as an individual.  Positive and negative experiences can potentially dictate these needs. For example, “I am needing more attention from my partner”, “I am needing more respect at my job”, “I am needing more time for myself”, and many more. Your happiness is important. Self-advocacy is important.

Advocate for your needs.