Vacation for Mental Health.

As the weather gets warmer, flowers begin to bloom, the sun feels brighter, and we have the urge to go outside. This time of year is also the prime season for family trips and vacations. Unfortunately there may be some stress that comes with vacations: planning, the cost, conflict, etc. While there may be some natural stress that comes with organizing a vacation, there are various benefits when it comes to mental health and wellness. Below are a few examples of the mental health benefits of vacations:

     – a break from routine

     – building family relationships/bonding

     – opportunities to expand experiences and growth

     – a way to refuel on self care to feel refreshed when returning to daily life The potential cost of a big vacation that typically comes to mind for parents is the cost. It may not feel doable to take extended time off work or spend on a high priced resort. That does not mean families have to miss out on their mental health! STAY-cations are a great example of having both the mental health benefits of a vacation while being cost-savvy. Below are some staycation examples for families:

     – a trip to a local zoo

     – go hiking at the nearest state park

     – explore a new museum

     – Camping trip to a nearby site

     – spend the weekend at a hotel with a pool

     – have a “beach day” in the backyard